Curra Covers Cruise jumps his heart out

Today I’m paying tribute to our wonderful Irish Sports Horse, Curra Coevers Cruise, who jumped his heart out for Joshua at this weekend’s 2016 Cyprus Championship final. What a heart he has and what a diamond he is.
As for the CYEF competition – what a brilliant season and what an exciting, nail biting final! Well done CYEF! Huge congratulations to Anna, Erik and Joshua who are all fine competitors and finished 4 gruelling rounds, so close in the end (half a point!!), but of course special love and congratulations to Anna H’haralampous – 2016 CYEF Champion! Awesome last round girl! Anyway, we are all home safely, trainer’s coming for dinner, and we are going to celebrate this great horse’s achievements and raise a glass to all those who took part.

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