Lights, Camera, Action!

We always say that the stars of George’s Ranch are our horses and ponies – and now their fame is being recognised internationally!
Quite out of the blue, we were told that a Russian TV company wanted to film at our yard this week as part of a promotional video for a luxury residential development in nearby Cap St George. When we agreed to help, we were given a taste of things to come when one of our tourist hacks was ambushed by the film crew as they made their way along the coastline of the Sea Caves. Cue several takes of Dillon, Gina, Sam, Elvis and Roxy and some bemused, but accommodating tourists who got more than they bargained for on their sunset hack.
A couple of days later it was Pinto, Bobby, Princess, Carro and Butterfly’s turn in the spotlight as the camera crew arrived to film at the Ranch. Of course, our horses are fairly used to being on show, but they usually have one chance to get things right whether it be in a jumping arena or a dressage arena. Not so in the world of showbiz where you are required to say the same thing time and again, albeit with the camera filming you from slightly different angles. By the end of it all, I could hardly speak my mouth was so dry, whereas Pinto, Bobby, Princess, Carro and Butterfly kept their cool throughout the experience – even when the crew’s drome went out with a bang after becoming tangled in overhead cables – which just goes to prove what we’ve always said, that the horses and ponies really are the stars at the Ranch!



IMG_3766          IMG_3770

Of course, some of our horses are getting pretty used to being in the spotlight. Take for instance our dressage superstar Lily Milan; not only has she been crowned the national children’s champion more times than we can count, she has also starred in her own pop video along with her talented owner, Chloe Mills

Thankfully, it wasn’t all cameras, boom arms and flying dromes this week, there was also a chance to do what we like to do best – and that’s introduce young riders to the wonderful world of horses and horse ownership.
Over two days we were delighted to welcome nine youngsters aged 6 to 12 to Summer Pony Camp. Despite the soaring temperatures, these children gave it their all and really impressed the staff with their cheerful, helpful and attentive attitudes. Along with riding lessons, the youngsters were shown how to correctly groom their ponies and the importance of good stable management and tack cleaning.

Of course there were also a lot of fun and games to be had, but given the fact that everyone at George’s Ranch is first and foremost a horse lover it is always gratifying to see that same passion and care blossoming in our young Ranchers. Without doubt, every one of these children did us proud, all of them showed a marked improvement in their skills, knowledge and attitude by the end of the camp, and it was a pleasure to welcome them to our home. In fact, we very much look forward seeing them again – and hopefully some new faces – at our second Summer Pony Camp at the end of August (that’s if our horses are not too busy filming the latest Hollywood blockbuster, of course!)



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