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In the spring of 2015, George’s Ranch Tack Shop was reborn.

Originally the plan was simply to meet the needs of our clients who told us they wanted to see general day-to-day equestrian items available and on the shelf, ready to buy. Of course, we all know what happens to original plans when horses are involved, and in the 18 months we have been operating we have seen customer demand soar. As a result, the Tack Shop now offers everything you and your horse could ever possibly need and our stock is available to everyone, anywhere on the island.

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Clearly, anyone who has ever owned and loved a horse will know what an expensive hobby and sport this is, so we searched long and hard to find a supplier that could offer a vast range of items of excellent quality at reasonable prices. We wanted value for our Euros. In the end, we identified HKM Sports as the supplier to meet our needs and we asked whether they might like to work with us as there was nobody else in the Paphos area able to offer such a range. HKM was more than happy to come on board as our primary supplier. Of course we also found space to stock other great brands such as Elico, Brogini, Toggy and Just Togs  and Georges Ranch Tack Shop was restocked and relaunched.
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Over the past year, we have been delighted to not only meet the everyday needs of our customers, but also to extend the range of items available to include competition wear for riders as well as hats, boots, socks, crops, T shirts, breeches, chaps and riding gloves. For our pampered four-legged friends we have bandages in all colours, boots, head collars, bridles, saddle cloths, rugs and fly protection wear. In addition to all of this, we sell fly spray, tack cleaner, first aid treatments, brushes, shampoo, show sheen and horse treats etc. Any profits made are always ploughed back into the business in order to make the range available bigger and better, giving our customers ever greater choice with new stock arriving monthly.

Of course, its not always easy to find the time to drive to the Ranch to check out whats on offer, which is why we also travel to a number of national shows during the competition season. Yes, Georges Ranch Tack Shop goes on tour! With the invaluable help of fellow Ranch-Mum, Louise, last year we set up stall at the national CYEF shows after securing the blessing of our generous host Panayiotas Tsaktiris in Lythrodontas, Nicosia. This allowed us to provide a service to the rest of the islands equestrian family. And for those who cant get to the Ranch or the shows, dont worry we also deliver! For the convenience of our further afield customers, we can send items via AKIS or ACS Couriers.
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Although we wouldnt like to take credit for anothers success, HKM is fast becoming one of the must-have brands in Cyprus with stunning outfits available for both horse and rider. Their range includes lines by Lauria Garelli, Cavallino Marino, Gloockler, HKM Pro Team and Kingston.

Of course, its simply not possible to stock everything for everyone all the time so we regularly place special orders for customers, whilst making sure we get the best price for them! Another service we offer when space in the shop allows is a platform for riders to sell second-hand pre-loved equestrian items on a small commission basis. Anything we agree to stock needs to have been well looked after and in good condition whether it be riding wear or horse equipment. As such stock comes in regularly it is often worth having a look because I know there are a few bargains to be had. In addition to all of that, we also provide gift vouchers; ideal for birthdays, special occasions and show prizes.

Unfortunately, and despite our best efforts, there are limitations to how quickly we
can supply items, thanks to delivery issues one of the few drawbacks of living on a beautiful Mediterranean island. Therefore, and forgive me for being so early with the news, I guess I should mention that Christmas is coming!

Clearly, Im not the only mum with this on her mind as we have already received a number of special orders for a few lucky girls and boys, so to avoid disappointment I would gently encourage anyone wishing to buy something for Christmas to place their orders with us by the end of October in order to allow time for delivery. You can either pop by the Ranch to browse our catalogue or go online to check out the latest items at
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I do hope you found this blog informative and helpful, and I look forward to Georges Ranch being your first choice provider of tack and clothing. If you have any requests or want to arrange a visit or you simply want to know more about our stock and pricing information, please contact me on 99149930. I look forward to hearing from you!




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