Sunday is Now Officially Funday!

It used to be the quietest day of the week, but Sunday has turned into one of our busiest – and it’s all thanks to our Ranchers.

With the doors closed for lessons, our budding stars of the future have taken over the place. Some come to exercise their horses or loan ponies, some go hacking, others simply take advantage of another sleepy Sunday to clean their tack and pamper their equine besties.
It really is a lovely, relaxed atmosphere and it’s made all the more special by the presence of mums and dads who come along to support, help out and basically enjoy Ranch life.
Of course, any visitor to this website will know how seriously we take our riding, but what is perhaps less well known is how much fun we have doing it. So, here are a few photographs taken this weekend to let everyone into our secret world of Sunday Fun Days!

DSC_0476 (2) DSC_0538 (2) DSC_0268 (2) DSC_0443 (2) DSC_0501 (2) DSC_0273 (2) DSC_0491 (2) DSC_0456 (2) DSC_0435 (2) DSC_0318 (2) DSC_0313 (2) DSC_0299 (2) DSC_0271 (2) DSC_0368 (2) DSC_0379 (2) DSC_0275 (2) DSC_0296 (2) DSC_0288 (2)
To see more photos of our Ranchers at play, check out our Facebook page!


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