It’s a Family Affair

They are the unsung heroes of George’s Ranch – the reason our young riders are able to do the sport they love and the behind-the-scenes support that makes my job not only easier, but a pleasure – let’s hear it for the Mums and Dads!
Every day, come rain or shine, these parents make George’s Ranch the happy place we all know it to be. They pitch in when needed and support not only their own kids, but all of our riders. And, trust me, that’s not always the case in livery yards where competition can sometimes boil over into jealousy. This is why I know how lucky I am to be surrounded by such a great group of people who bring a very real sense of fun, laughter and purpose to the place I call home.
Clearly, some parents have gone above and beyond the call of parental duty over the years to become pretty much part of the fixtures and fittings of the Ranch, but all our mums and dads have proved their weight in gold.
Lisa arrived to support her daughter Imogen before going on to breathe new life into our tack shop, which has been a huge success not only with our clients, but also with equestrians island wide.


Lou arrived with her daughter Leah, and after overcoming her fear of horses she has dug in, mopped up and generally become an integral part of the team.


And Yannis pitched up with his daughter Ioanna, and now not only stays glued to her lessons, but brings his tool box with him to do whatever he can to make the living quarters of our fabulous horses as pleasant as possible.


But of course, the real blessing of having mums and dads about the place is that it creates the kind of family atmosphere, which makes George’s Ranch so special.

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Without exception, all our parents have been on hand to help out when needed from mucking out the paddocks, to cleaning the tack, to filling water buckets, to helping with tourists, to taking the dogs for a walk, to carrying out life-saving coffee runs. There has been nothing they aren’t willing to do and in a big, busy yard like ours, their efforts are much appreciated. And it also helps keep down costs!

But of course, the main role of every parents is that of support to their kids, and boy do they give it. And even though it might not always be easy to watch, they never interfere in the lessons; they trust me and the rest of the Ranch instructors to get on and do our jobs, which is making their kids the best riders they can possibly be. But of course, it’s a job made easier by being among a such a super set of people.

So, thank you.


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