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Hold on to your panic straps – we’re back!
After taking a break from blogging – due to small matters like a wedding, a baby and a helluva autumn schedule – we are now recharged, reinvigorated and raring to go.
However, rather like our ever-evolving Ranch, we are constantly looking at ways to tweak, innovate and ensure our blogs are a must-read not only for friends and clients, but also for the wider equestrian community on the island. To this end, we will be taking a slightly different approach to the blog this year, concentrating less on Ranch activities and more on the issues that affect us as a community and on matters that relate to us all whether we are happy hackers, career riders or horse owners.
But first, let me introduce you to the main reason for our prolonged absence, my son Robbie.

Robbie was born in May and it wasn’t the easiest birth I’ve been through, which is saying something after Leo! Still, more of that in our next blog when I’ll share my experience of riding while pregnant as well as my recovery expectations versus reality.
Of course, every pain, fear and moment of doubt was worth it in the end, and Robbie is a fantastic and happy baby who is very much loved by his big brother Leo!

After giving birth to another strapping son, it was all systems go for the next big event in my life – my wedding to Andreas. To make things that little more interesting, I’d given myself just over three months to get back into shape and into my wedding dress!
For so many years, Andreas has been something of an unsung hero at the Ranch. He has played a huge part in realising my vision and, more than that, he has been my rock and my ever-faithful support. Needless to say, marrying Andreas in the presence of both our families and friends, not to mention our two handsome boys, was the best day of my life. Truly.

Of course, it wasn’t all babies and weddings last year, 2018 also saw new residents at the Ranch, including my two horses – Atlas from the UK and Favola di Notte from Poland. Both horses will be formally introduced in a later blog – along with our other newbies – but suffice to say I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with both these talented horses.
In the coming months, we’re busy again with visits by international trainers Judy Bradwell and Paul Fielder as well as implementing exciting new structural additions to the Ranch, which I can’t wait to tell you about.
As I said earlier, we’re very keen this year to try a new avenue with the blog in order to appeal to as broad an audience as possible – as long as they all love horses – so do let us know if there are any areas of particular interest that you’d be keen to read about regarding horses in Cyprus and riding in general. If we’ve come across similar situations, we’d be only too happy to share our experiences.
In the meantime, I – like everyone else on the island – will be waiting for the sun to return!


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