A Beautiful Bride and her Mare of Honour

Huge congratulations to newlyweds Ellie and Junaed who not only got married this weekend, but trusted us with one of the most important jobs of the day – getting the bride to the altar!

Having possibly one of the best settings for any wedding, a villa standing on the coastline of the glorious Sea Caves, it was clear that Ellie might need a showstopper to drag eyes away from the spectacular view – and that’s exactly what she gave her guests. Looking every inch the stunning bride in white and gold, and with her hair and make-up done to perfection, Ellie surprised her wedding guests – not to mention the groom – by turning up on horseback. When she came into view riding our beautiful mare Tina, the 140-strong crowd waiting for her erupted into cheers as the operatic strains of The Flower Duet by Leo Delibes filled the air. Ellie said: “A heart-felt and huge thank you goes out to Michelle and all the team at George’s Ranch for making my dream wedding come true. “My love for horses has always been with me from a little girl and my dream to arrive at my wedding on one of these beautiful animals was only made possible by Michelle and, of course, Tina who was an absolute dream to ride. She was calm and not at all bothered by the loud entrance music or the amount of people cheering when we arrived.”

At the Ranch we take the safety of all our clients seriously, but clearly there’s always added pressure when the cargo is a bride and we’re in unknown territory. So, in the weeks prior to Ellie and Junaed’s big day, we hacked Tina to the scene of the grand entrance, making sure she could navigate the rocky terrain around the back of the villa with ease and generally familiarise her with the location.
Naturally, there were numerous shampoos and beauty treatments needed – and that was just the horse – and Ellie came to ride Tina in the days leading up to the wedding. But perhaps the most challenging part of the assignment was to desensitize Tina to a step ladder because Ellie’s stunning dress was a little too close-fitting for easy mounting.
Once we had done all we could possibly do to prepare for the big day, Rancher Ella rode Tina into position and kept her chilled while we waited for the bride to turn up, a fashionable ten minutes later than planned. We then got the ladder out of the car, helped Ellie into the saddle and accompanied her to the altar.
“Honestly, I would highly recommend Tina and all at George’s Ranch if you want to go to your wedding on horseback,” said Ellie. “It made an unforgettable day even more special.”
And special really is the best way to describe our beautiful Tina who has had an unforgettable summer all round. Not only has she been hoof-perfect on the hacks – and there have been a lot of hacks this season – but she also starred in the video promo for the beach party of the year organised by our pals at Hang Loose Cy.

If this carries on she’ll be wanting her own dressing room next!

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