2020 Visions…

It wouldn’t be New Year without a list of New Year’s resolutions, even when keeping them is easier said than done – especially in the horse world.

How many times have we promised not to buy any more matchy matchy sets; to not spend all of our time at the yard; to clean our tack after every ride; and to absolutely not, under any circumstances, never ever, not on your life, buy another horse.

And yet…

So, this year, the George’s Ranch crew – in honour of a new decade – have chosen resolutions they vaguely stand a chance of keeping.


Caroline and Defender

This year, I will try to remember how far I have come – and not how far I have to go

Ella and Lily Milan

This year I will perfect my walk to canter, especially when under pressure. I also want to improve my sitting trot during technical movements such as leg yields. But my long-term goal is to generally improve my position and to gain experience and knowledge from these intelligent animals, which I feel very grateful and honoured to be able to ride.  

Alex and Robin

My resolution for 2020 is to strengthen my bond with Robin and continue to make amazing memories with him.

Nicole and Elvis

My New Year resolution is to keep working towards a consistent, correct outline with Elvis – even when Caroline isn’t there!

Millie and Phoebe

This year, I’m going to give everything a go. My goal is to improve my dressage, specifically being able to bring Phoebe rounder and keep her balanced at the same time. Hopefully, this will help our riding progress to the next level. I’m also looking forward to getting back into jumping and tackling harder, higher courses as well as helping some of the younger horses like Toffee and Little John.

Melina and Shakima

This year I want stronger hugs, more hacks, productive lessons and a 2020 full of smiles!

Hannah and Mawy

This year I’m going to be braver and have more confidence in my ability as a rider.

Lana and William

My resolution for 2020 is to maintain the softness and quietness we have managed to achieve in the jumping.

Lynne and Penny

My main goal is to strike off on the right canter lead … consistently!

Jay and Monster

My New Year’s resolution is to make every ride as fun as possible for Monster and to keep working hard on our training and see where it takes us and what we can achieve by 2021!

Harriet and Tennessee

A new year, a new decade, and this year I would like to accomplish a few different things. I would like to become a more confident and better rider, and I would like to be more confident in jumping. Hopefully, this year I will be able to jump harder and higher courses. I would also like to develop a deeper seat, as I would like to get better results on my dressage and jumping tests.

Instructor Karen

My New Year’s Resolution is not to moan that it is too hot!

So, that’s the plan. Let’s see how far our Ranchers get with it. Personally, I think they’ll do all they say and more.  

Happy New Year, everyone!

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