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The Time is Write

Hold on to your panic straps – we’re back! After taking a break from blogging – due to small matters like a wedding, a baby and a helluva autumn schedule – we are now recharged,... Read More

New Years News

Twenty years ago, George’s Ranch was a very different place to what it is today and even I’m sometimes surprised when I think about how much has changed over the years. However, the one constant... Read More

Training Days

  “Violence begins where knowledge ends.” Ancient Greek horseman, Xenophon. While various aspects of Ranch life might ebb and flow along with the tourist season there is always one constant, no matter the time of year... Read More

It’s a Family Affair

They are the unsung heroes of George’s Ranch – the reason our young riders are able to do the sport they love and the behind-the-scenes support that makes my job not only easier, but a... Read More

It’s Time to Thank the Team

After a super-hot and super-busy summer, the holiday season is finally slowing down, and as we’ve all managed to catch our breaths a little, I think it’s only right to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’... Read More

All Hail, Judge Judy!

It has once again been our immense privilege to play host to the international judge and trainer Judy Bradwell – and what a fantastic experience it was for all those who took lessons, myself included!... Read More

Diary dates.

After an unusually long and grey winter, the sun has returned – and where there’s sun there’s fun at George’s Ranch, so grab your diary and take note of the fabulous events we’ve got planned... Read More