Client Testimonials

Lucky Star & Andrea

Following a glittering career on the racetrack – in which he won 12 of his 61 races – Lucky Star found a new home with me at George’s Ranch.”

“A prime athlete in peak condition, it was clear from the start that Lucky was a horse of good character, but he was in desperate need of a little downtime to help him adjust to the calmer and kinder environment of Ranch life. He also needed to be weaned off his high-protein diet and learn to accept a more balanced and healthy way of eating – all of which was organised and supervised by Caroline and Michelle.  In the meantime, I worked on my bond with Lucky via daily grooming sessions and in-hand on-the-ground walkabouts in the arena. Then, three months after he arrived, Caroline and I began the serious business of retraining my racehorse.

“Although I’m not a complete novice when it comes to riding, taking on a fresh, off-the-track racehorse is no easy feat. Thankfully, I had enough experience to know that if our partnership was to succeed both Lucky and I needed to be guided through his transition from champion racehorse to budding dressage star by someone who knew what they were doing.  At eight years old, Lucky was young enough to be re-schooled, but he was, to all intents and purposes, a baby, which meant he had no understanding of the aids we use for riding. He also had two speeds – stop and go.

“A little over three months on, Lucky’s progress has been nothing short of astounding. He understands and accepts contact, he has a beautiful natural outline, he is soft over the back and canters like a dream. Of course there are days when it feels like we’ve gone two steps forward only to take five steps back (at a gallop) but that’s where the experience, advice and training of Caroline has proved invaluable. I really don’t think there are any words to express just how important Caroline’s involvement has been in Lucky’s rehabilitation. We might only have one formal lesson a week, but I ride my horse most days and when I do Caroline is usually watching from the side lines, giving advice when needed, encouragement when required and a kick up the backside when called for. To be honest, I would not be the rider I am today without Caroline’s instruction and Lucky would not be the calm, well-adjusted and incredibly gifted young man he is today either. We have a long way to go, but doesn’t every rider and their horse? However, Lucky and I are living proof that these fabulous thoroughbreds are not done when the racing is over. With the right instruction, care and attitude they can make wonderful riding horses. I could not be any more grateful to Caroline and Michelle for everything they have done to help me get to the point where my horse and I have such a happy, full-of-love, challenging, joyful and beautiful partnership. You guys rock. Thank you.” 

Leah & Princess

Loaning a horse at George’s Ranch for my daughter has been an absolutely amazing experience for both her and us as parents. We aren’t the horsiest parents , but my daughter absolutely loves them. Having Princess on loan has made us admire horses and understand how happy they can make our family.”

Throughout the experience my husband and I have become very attached to Princess – we have seen our daughter learn so much in the short amount of time we have been loaning – we can’t wait for the future ahead of them both. None of this would of been possible without Caroline Scambler , the brilliant trainer who has taught so much to my daughter making her ready for the shows where George’s ranch compete at multiple levels of dressage and showjumping , also not forgetting the stable manager Michelle Munday whose knowledge has been invaluable helping us to understand the horses needs.

Imogen & Tsutsi

During our six years now at the Ranch, our daughter Imogen, has developed her riding skills from an inexperienced but enthusiastic rider starting out on the lunge on Tennessee to the successful and competent rider she is today.”

Six years ago we visited Georges Ranch to find a suitable place for our 8 year old daughter to continue her hobby when we moved permanently to Cyprus. From the onset, we were greeted by Caroline and Michelle in a friendly and welcoming way. The yard was very different from what it is today, but none the less, still offered us a great choice of horses and also the assurance of an FEI qualified instructor in Caroline that no other riding centre in Paphos could offer us.

Caroline has expertly guided Imogen through the years, trying different ponies and horses to match Imogen’s skill level and also to help develop her riding experience to the best of her ability at each stage. After several loans of Ranch ponies and Imogen eventually growing out of them, Caroline then travelled to Athens and Bulgaria to find us a horse that Imogen could learn and take her riding to the next levels. The perfect match was made when she found Tsutsi who was then shipped over to join the Ranch family of United Nation horses!

It has been a wonderful journey for Imogen to ride a sports horse to allow her to compete at National level and all at a steady but progressive and consistent pace under the watchful eye of Caroline. Through her own continual training and extensive amount of knowledge and skill as a Trainer, Caroline has provided Imogen with all the tools and knowledge for her to succeed in both Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country as a competent and successful young rider.

It is a pleasure to watch all the students at the Ranch progress to safe, solid and experienced riders – their dedication to their sport is matched by the enthusiasm and commitment that Caroline and her team show to their riders and horses. Every rider is an individual and their ability and goals are all assessed so that they can achieve whatever they want to – whether it be to be a happy hacker or to compete at the national shows or even somewhere in the middle!

We are very happy to be part of the Georges Ranch family where everyone helps one another and we pull together as a team!

Imogen spends most of her spare time with her horse and friends at the yard and she is growing up surrounded by people who have a hard work ethic and she has a great mentor in Caroline who has been such an inspiration for her progress and training. This has helped form a huge part of her character which then lends itself into other parts of her life including school where her hard work and commitment is mirrored and also amongst her peers at school to. I am sure this will stay with her throughout her life as she realises that through hard work, dedication and commitment plus a little bit of blood, sweat and tears thrown in , you can achieve whatever you set out to in life. Thankyou all at the Ranch for all that you do for your team!

Jackie & Shaleko

I would like to say a very very big thank-you to Georges Ranch.”

I sent my young horse Shaleko for some “further education“. the work and training by Karen Rhodes was amazing.

I also had some “further education“ also with Karen on how to ride this now educated youngster.

As all horse owners know your work is never over with teaching them new experiences, but now we hacks out up mountains, and around the villages where he sees all sorts of wonderful sights, some a little more frightening than others, he looks, but dosnt spook, he strides out as if he owns the land hes crossing, What a confident little horse I now have.

Again thank you Georges Ranch.

Lisa Lorraine Jones

Amazing Horses and Ponies and very friendly helpful staff, Love this place, always come back!”

I first visited the Ranch 16 years ago. The horses were amazing then and are still in fab condition and looked after on a very knowledgeable yard with experts to hand. Every visit we have had has been very welcoming and fun. The staff are lovely and very helpful and cater exactly to your needs. The horses and ponies are in fab condition and well loved which is very obvious to see. Me and my 8 year old hacked to the sea caves , breathtaking views and a very enjoyable hack.

Love this place so much and visit every time we go back to Cyprus. My 8 year old and 2 1/2 year old had fun at the Toddler event they hold once a month too, one not to be missed. I highly recommend these guys and know you will have a fab time. We visited 3 times in june 2016 as we love it here!!!!