Raise a Glass to Our Summer Superstars!

Every year we say it and it’s worth repeating again – our hacking horses are simply phenomenal. Day in, day out, for the past six months, our wonderful horses and

Training with Amy Woodhead

It was an honour and a pleasure to welcome the super-talented dressage star Amy Woodhead to George’s Ranch last week. Having represented Great Britain at both Pony Team and Young

Pupil Spotlight – Jan and Phoebe

It was with real sadness that we said au revoir – but not goodbye – this week to one of our star adult pupils, Jan. Jan was one of the

And Now a Word About Our Sponsors…

Anyone who owns a horse knows how expensive it can be, and if you own a livery yard you can multiply that expense by the amount of horses you have

The Price is Right at George’s Ranch!

In the spring of 2015, George’s Ranch Tack Shop was reborn. Originally the plan was simply to meet the needs of our clients who told us they wanted to see

The Only Way is Up!

The competition season is now underway and our riders have got off to a promising start, which brings us nicely to Part II of our two-part blog special in which

You’ve Got to Be in it to (Sort of) Win It

Competition season is once again upon us and this weekend saw the start of the First Round of the Pancyprian Championship. And because this is one of our favourite times

A Last Hurrah for Summer

With the new school term about to start, George’s Ranch made this week all about the kids – and what a lot of fun we had! Beginning the week with

Proud to Promote Paphos

Cyprus paid an extraordinary price when the financial crisis shook the world so it is exciting to see the island bounce back so robustly – and that George’s Ranch has

The Hoof, the Whole Hoof and Nothing but the Hoof

Regular shoeing, if done to a high standard, plays an important role in a horse’s wellbeing because stronger hooves mean healthier, happier horses. That’s not to say unshod horses are