Proud to Promote Paphos

Cyprus paid an extraordinary price when the financial crisis shook the world so it is exciting to see the island bounce back so robustly – and that George’s Ranch has

The Hoof, the Whole Hoof and Nothing but the Hoof

Regular shoeing, if done to a high standard, plays an important role in a horse’s wellbeing because stronger hooves mean healthier, happier horses. That’s not to say unshod horses are

Pupil Spotlight – Imogen

George’s Ranch has a great reputation spanning 20 years as a must-visit tourist attraction – thanks to the hacks we offer along the stunning Sea Caves coastline – but in

Sun, Sea, Sand and … Sweet Itch

August is never the easiest of months – it is hot and sweaty and pretty much exhausting – which is why visitors to the Ranch are often surprised to see

Bargain Hunters Beware!

Perhaps it’s the economic climate we live in or simply one of those strange coincidences, but haggling over hacks seemed to be the big theme this week. Unluckily for one

It’s hotting up at the Ranch

Well, what a week we’ve had with so many new faces and nationalities visiting the Ranch it has felt like a gathering of the United Nations at times! And this

Lights, Camera, Action!

We always say that the stars of George’s Ranch are our horses and ponies – and now their fame is being recognised internationally! Quite out of the blue, we were

Open wide!

A trip to the dentist is not usually on people’s lists of favourite things to do, but most people recognise the importance of good dental hygiene, and the same goes

Show Time !

Every year, the Cyprus Equestrian Federation schedules a number of development shows as a precursor to national competitions – and last weekend George’s Ranch had the honour of hosting one

Joy Riding – Ranch Style

What a fabulous start to the summer we’ve had at George’s Ranch, with our ponies and horses – not to mention, poor Michelle and Karen – run off their feet