Our Facilities


George’s Ranch boasts two purpose-built top quality sand arenas, complete with drainage systems, that provide for all-year-round riding.

The show jumping arena measures 35m x 80m and comes with a full course of training fences and sponsored competition jumps.  It is floodlit for evening training.

The dedicated dressage arena measures 60m x 20m, complete with competition dressage arena boards, lettering and judges boxes.

Both arenas are of excellent quality sand, both have fully installed sprinkler systems and both are professionally maintained on a regular basis to ensure optimum conditions for the maximum safety and health of our horses and riders.

Both arenas are fully visible from the clubhouse.


George’s Ranch has a variety of different sized stables to accommodate all horses. With the option of shavings or straw beds, each stable is rubber matted. Despite the current trend for automatic water systems, we prefer to use buckets so that staff can accurately monitor the water in-take of all horses, a standard duty of care that is especially important during the hot summer months. All horses receive top quality grain, hay and trifilli (clover) throughout the day. Although some yards use hay nets, we at George’s Ranch believe in the benefits of feeding from the ground, not least because it is the way horses eat in their natural habitat. It is also a method of feeding that Caroline has witnessed first-hand at some of Europe’s finest yards.


George’s Ranch has 19 custom-made paddocks that allow all our horses to get some much-needed downtime. All the paddocks are electric and are made of ultra-modern flexi-rail fencing. Although we all dream of seeing our horses run wild, the sad fact of life here in Cyprus is that the ground is simply too hard to safely allow our horses that freedom. For this reason, the paddocks are large enough to give our horses room to roll and play in, but small enough to keep their more boisterous impulses contained.

Other Facilities

George’s Ranch has eight tie-up areas, three shower cubicles and access to quiet hacking routes leading to the region’s stunning Sea Caves. There is also an alarmed tack room and changing area, tack shop, toilets, a club house – where guests and clients can relax with a cool drink –  a parking area and covered seating giving spectators a prime view of both the dressage and jumping arenas.